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March 17, 2015 | Posted in: A Love Story

St Patrick Ribbon - VectorI do love St. Patrick’s Day. Though the claim I have green eyes so I can’t be pinched never does seem to work for me.

I’m Italian through my father’s side. And Irish through my mother.

I’m very proud of both my heritages, and since the last book I wrote, Playing With Fire, included my Italian heritage, I knew it was time to include my Irish heritage in my writing as well.

That was part of the inspiration behind my Grady Brothers Trilogy with the first book, Yesterday’s Promise, coming soon.

Luke, Jake and Cade are my handsome Irish brothers with deep hazel eyes that reach down into your soul and cause your heart to catch in your chest. Their roots are deep in the town of Snow Ridge and their Irish heritage is strong.

They live good. Love even better. And hold tight to the Irish beliefs of the heart. The importance of family. The wonder of love.

The three of them keep me smiling, enjoying their stories. And I have great inspiration for them through my wonderful Irish family.

We are loud. We’re passionate. We’re creative.

We love and we argue. We are so much good with a bit of bad tossed in.

Those are the same traits coming to life with the Grady Brothers. The very traits making them the best choice for the complex, interesting women who have caught their hearts.

Yesterday’s Promise is the youngest brother, Cade’s story. Currently, I’m working on the oldest brother, Luke’s story . . . Today’s Desire.

And then comes the middle brother, Jake, and Tomorrow’s Hope.

A wonderful story for three wonderful Irish brothers.

I’ve loved writing every word and I hope, soon, you will enjoy reading them as well.

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