Steamy Suspense Book Reviews of “Playing with Fire”

October 1, 2013

"Playing with Fire" a love story by Cassandra Bella a romance author







Amazon Readers Rave Reviews of  “Playing With Fire”

“This is my first book by Cassandra Bella, but it definitely won’t be my last! What a great story! The characters are written so well and the plot is believable – I was right there with Alec and Jessie, along with Annie.The beginning of the book just sucked me right in! I felt the pain in the beginning of the book from Annie, Jessie and Brett. The wealth of emotions that are portrayed through Cassandra’s writing was done is such a way, that my heart hurt for the characters and what they were going through.As the book continued, I could understand why Jessie hid behind those high walls – but Alec was definitely the man to break through! Cassandra’s writing is so good, without being repetitive or over-the-top, that I could ‘see’ the scenes playing out in my mind, every single one of them! I didn’t have to skim through descriptions of rooms, or landscapes, or other places – the descriptions were enough to let my mind take over and my imagination run with it!!! I loved the way Alec wouldn’t let Jessie hide from him and how he made himself vulnerable to her – such a great book.Congratulations Cassandra, you have definitely earned a new fan!!!!”

book reviews romance suspense“Cassandra Bella’s “Playing with Fire” was a wonderful book. It was a fast-paced and exciting read that had me entirely captivated in the two days that it took for me to read it. Bella did an exquisite job at developing the main character Jessie Bacelli as a hard-headed and independent woman, through the telling of her father’s tragic murder and the role her mother played as a needy and dependent woman- the exact opposite of her daughter. The chemistry that Bella created between the sexy playboy and Jessie’s fellow agent, Alec Chambers, and Jessie was steamy and intense, and combined with the suspenseful crime case they’re working on was enough to keep anybody entranced while just waiting to see what happens next!”
book reviews romance suspense
“Read this book in about a day and a half. Kept me captivated until the end. Would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries with a steamy couple!”
book reviews romance suspense“What a great read!! This was one of those “I can’t get anything done today because I HAVE to finish this book and see how it ends!!” The book opens with the tragic death of the main characters dad. After her dad’s murder, Jessie Bacelli, is left to care for her younger sister Annie. She follows in her father’s footsteps and becomes an agent as well. You are taken on a crazy adventure to New Orleans where the chemistry between Jessie and her partner, Alec Chambers, is crazy and hot. Just when you think that they are going to give in to in, something happens and you are left wanting more. I really enjoyed this book. I think that Cassandra Bella did an amazing job developing the characters and building the anticipation and suspense. It has the perfect mix of suspense, romance, and thriller!!”
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“This is a great book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s full of suspense and romance. Has great character development.”
book reviews romance suspense
“This is an amazing read. Even as a guy I enjoyed this book and it kept me turning page after page. I really want to find more by this author as she has a true talent for action and romance. A must read.”
Book reviews“A wonderful read! Read it in a week-end. Looking forward to reading more from
Cassandra Bella. A great romantic mystery!”

-Tammy P


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