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Reluctant Angel by Cassandra bellaShe didn’t think about what it was she was doing, reaching behind him, tugging the band free. His hair fell, framing the chiseled lines of his face. He glanced at her, surprise in his black eyes.

“Sorry.” She fumbled the leather band in her fingers. “I was curious how you looked without the ponytail.”

His hand covered her fidgeting fingers. Hitching the pad of his thumb underneath her chin, he brought her gaze to his. “Is your curiosity satisfied?” Hunger glinted in his eyes.

It wasn’t. Not even close.

She nodded, unable to push a sound through suddenly dry lips. She held out the leather band, warmth sweeping through as his fingers brushed against hers. He shoved it into his jeans, never taking his eyes away from her.

She expected the kiss. He started slow, gentle, deepening it as he shifted, his body pressing against her side. He was already hard with need. She felt him pushing into her thigh. Knowing he wanted her so soon fueled her own desire.

She forgot they sat in public view of anyone who wandered by. Her hands glided over his chest, her fingers massaging the corded muscles pushing against his shirt. One of her legs crept into place between his knees. Her breasts brushed against his chest as she curled into his welcoming warmth.

He tasted like wine and cheese, an intoxicating combination swirling with his spicy scent. His hands flattened along her back, urging her closer. She went willingly, tucking her soft curves tight against his hard body.

She wasn’t sure if the groan escaping came from her or from Chase. They both shared the ripple of pleasure sparking to life between them. She wished he really was hers for the taking, without the complications stripping away what he did to her with a single look.

He felt so good, so right, tucked snugly against her. She wanted to know what it would feel like to have him buried deep inside her, sharing the most intimate connection.

If only she could, she wished silently, her hands reaching up and tangling in the freed strands of his dark hair. What would it feel like, making love to this man who drove her senses crazy, lit her body on fire? It had been so long since she’d shared herself in such a way. The urges she thought she had buried surged to the surface.

His rough palms rubbed against her cheeks, cupped the sides of her face as he slowly ended the kiss. “Much more of this and I won’t be able to stop myself.” His thumb stroked the line of her swollen lips, passing over the moisture his kiss left behind. “We can take this inside if you’d like.”


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