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The last thing Paxton Walsh expects is to be kidnapped by an old flame moments before she is to be married to another man.

The last thing Hunter Reese wants is to find himself back at the side of the woman who tossed him and his love away.

Hunter and Paxton loved and lost years ago. Now on a run for her life, is there a chance they can rekindle what they once knew and forgive what came between them as he struggles to keep them both alive?

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"Playing with Fire" a love story by Cassandra Bella a romance authorPLAYING WITH FIRE


At the tender age of eighteen, Jessie Bacelli learned the truth of evil. After the murder of her father, Jessie steps in to take care of her younger sister, Annie, while following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dedicating her career to bringing down Luther Rabago, the man responsible for her father’s death, she doesn’t have time for distractions in her life. Especially when they are as handsomely annoying as fellow agent, Alec Chambers.

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Reluctant Angel by Cassandra Bella RELUCTANT ANGEL


When a murder at The Cullar Resort brings Gabi Cullar and Chase Winters together, sparks fly and passions ignite. But Gabi still clings to the memory of her dead husband, leaving Chase to wonder if there will every be room in her heart to love another.

In a twist of fate, Gabi and Chase come together but it will take some “Divine” intervention before Gabi can ever accept Chase into her heart.

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