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November 11, 2013 | Posted in: A Love Story


My latest release, Playing With Fire, is based, for much of the story, in New Orleans and the heart of the French Quarter.

Have you ever been there?  Experienced the magic that exists?

New Orleans is mine and my husband’s favorite place to visit.  We go yearly, without fail, most times just the two of us.  But occasionally with all our children.  And it never gets boring.  It never gets old.  It’s a constant offering of history.  Of the love stories and ghost stories that exist around every corner.  Of the romance and suspense I love to write about.

Which is why I knew it was the perfect place to send my characters Jessie and Alec in their search for Jessie’s little sister, Annie.  With the mystery and passion surrounding New Orleans, there’s no better place, in my opinion, to find your characters falling in love while fighting the darker realities that exist in our world.

When you look beyond the partiers lining Bourbon Street, you see so much more of the heart of New Orleans. The couple tucked in the shadows of a Jazz bar, too involved in each other to notice anything around. The hint of the unknown in the alleys, the courtyards mostly unseen, hiding away secrets behind their vine-covered walls.

The history within the French Quarter is rich.  The character untouchable by any other place on Earth.  It’s as diverse and wild as the mind can imagine.  And as romantic as you desire it to be.  One can easily lose their heart there and find love in many places.

I hope, if you have visited New Orleans, you will find some of its treasures in my book.  And if you haven’t yet had a chance to visit, I hope you will still find the character of the town as magical through Jessie and Alec’s love story as I’ve found it in my travels there.

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