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Cassandra Bella believes it wasn't just the fact that she was born the day before Valentine’s that she was fated to write romance. Intrigued by deep emotions that touch the heart and that special spark of falling in love, she enjoys creating stories and characters that leave her readers with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye.

Cassandra's Notebook

The Irish and The Gradys

I do love St. Patrick’s Day. Though the claim I have green eyes so I can’t be pinched never does seem to work for me. I’m Italian through my father’s side. And Irish through my mother. I’m very proud of

In Memory Of . . .

I was still a little girl in pigtails when Dave first came into my life. He was one of my best friends, my protector, my broken-heart healer. I still see us in Mr. Wood’s class, sitting side by side, sharing

This is Romance

What a Fun Happily Ever After While they are no longer to be considered newlyweds, Broadway star, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s,  wedding surprise for his wife is making the rounds on the internet. Perhaps you have seen it already, but Lin-Manuel surprises